Conference Agenda

The Wireless LAN Professionals EU Summit consists of two days of fun, great topics, awesome gear, and wonderful networking.
The conference consists of presentations from a vast array of experts in the field.

[day date=”13 October 2014′]Night Before – Monday[/day]
[event time=”6pm — 9pm” room=””]Registration Desk Open/ Attendee Bag Pickup[/event]

[day date=”14 October 2014″]Day 2 Tuesday[/day]
[lunch time=”8:30 — 8:45″]Breakfast[/lunch]
[event time=”8:45 — 9:15″ room=””]Opening Session[/event]
[event time=”9:15 — 10:15″ room=””]Track 1 Session 1 Wi–Fi networks and the Internet of Things  by Mat Edwards
Tracks 2 Session 1 Maximize Your WirelessLAN by Herman Robers[/event]
[lunch time=”10:15 — 10:30″]Break[/lunch]
[event time=”10:30 — 11:30″ room=””]Track 1 Session 2 Managing EDU WLANs by Kees Pronk
Track 2 Session 2 Tame the 802.11ac Beast by John Anderson[/event]
[event time=”11:30 — 12:30″ room=””]Ten Talks
1 Wireless Service by Ronald van Kleunen
2 Chasing Ghosts by Troy Martin
3 Engage with Community by Primož Marinšek
4 Spectrum Analysis by Stoney Tuckness
5 LPV Best Practice Design Principles by Dirk Lanssens[/event]
[event time=”12:30 — 1:45″ room=””]Lunch Provided[/event]
[event time=”1:45 — 2:45″ room=””]Ten Talks
6 Site survey in Another Environment by Younes Ben Mohamed
7 Tips & Tricks using AM Survey by John Anderson
8 Dawn of Internet of Things by Gregor Vucajnk
9 Stadium Wireless by Alcadis
10 WLAN Survey Validation by Alan Blake[/event]
[event time=”2:45 — 3:45″ room=””]Track 1 Session 3 Know Your PHY by Stoney Tuckness
Track 2 Session 3 How to secure your WLAN by Philipp Ebbecke[/event]
[lunch time=”3:45 — 4:00″]Break[/lunch]
[event time=”4:00 — 5:00″ room=””]Track 1 Session 4 Evolving as a WLAN Professional by Jared Griffith
Track 2 Session 4 Developing Survey Super Powers by Jussi Kiviniemi[/event]
[event time=”5:00 — 6:00″ room=””]CWNE Question and Answer Panel
Keith R. Parsons (Emcee)
Gregor Vucajnk
Jared Griffith
Ronald van Kleunen
Sean Rynearson
Troy Martin
Scott Stapleton[/event]
[event time=”6:30 — 8:00″ room=””]Dinner On Your Own[/event]
[day date=”15 October 2014″]Day 3 Wednesday[/day]
[lunch time=”8:30 — 9:00″]Breakfast[/lunch]
[event time=”9:00 — 10:00″ room=””]Track 1 Session 5 CCI In depth by Gregor Vucajnk
Track 2 Session 5 Bringing Down Barriers by Primož Marinšek[/event]
[event time=”10:00 — 11:00″ room=””]Track 1 Session 6 Protecting Your Data by Rick Farina
Track 2 Session 6 Trials and Tribulations by Allen Walker[/event]
[lunch time=”11:00 — 11:15″]Break[/lunch]
[event time=”11:15 — 12:15″ room=””]Track 1 Session 7 Meeting Customer’s WLAN Needs by Christoffer Jacobsson
Track 2 Session 7 Event Wi-Fi by Ward Erhart[/event]
[event time=”12:15 — 1:45″ room=””]Lunch Provided [/event]
[event time=”1:45 — 2:45″ room=””]Track 1 Session 8 Disaster Tech Labs by Evert Bopp
Track 2 Session 8 Getting A Grip on Wireless Data by Catalin Tudorascu[/event]
[event time=”2:45 — 3:15″ room=””]Closing Session[/event]

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